Via this API you are able to request any data out of your OCC.
Want to export chart-data, log messages or anything else? Here's how you do it!


The API uses simple HTTPS Requests, which will always return a JSON result object.

How-To perform a request?

First of all log in with a valid user account or send a valid API key with every request! The only methods not secured are the methods within the 'auth' namespace.

To perform a request, simply combine the BASE_URL (found at the bottom of this page) and the desired functions' name.
Add the required parameters to the query or as JSON object to the POST body of the request.


The request above fetches some chart data and returns a JSON result object.

If you use API keys, you have to send the API key with every request.


What is the JSON result object?

Every request returns it and this is what it looks like:

    success : true,
    message : null,
    data : [{
        measurement : 10,
        name : "CPU",

The object always contains the following properties:

success : boolean
Shows if the request was successfull or not.

message : string
If the request was not successfull, it contains an error message. Otherwise null.

data : Array or Object
Depending on the requested data this property contains an array of data or just one simple object containing a result.

What else to say?

All requests are HTTPS!We didn't mention it, but all methods return errors if there occure any errors (missing parameters, invalid credentials, ...)! If you are missing an error message or information, please mail us.


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